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April 14, 2012

Laying down on the job

The hens are a year old and with 13 of them, we have been gathering 9-10 a day. Everything I had read said that they lay about one egg every 24 hours. Someone isn’t pulling her own weight.

It occurred to me this could be a good reality television show. Not sure what I’d call it; but it would have to do with me installing cameras in hen houses and spying on the hens to see who is laying and who isn’t.  I mean come on, if they’re not laying, what are they doing?  They’ve got to be up to no good. Are they hanging out with the those good-for-nothing roosters from the other side of the railroad tracks? Sneaking off into the woods to search for wild mushrooms and then tripping out on them?  Or are they just lazy and being a nest-box potato?

I’ve seen a reality show where a guy installs cameras in restaurants and bars to spy on the employees for the owners, who aren’t there to see what’s going on. When they realize all the pilfering and partying and sometimes abuse of customers that’s taking place, they’re able to confront them and fire them!  Not before it’s all televised nationally, of course.

It would be very easy to install cameras in the henhouse on a weekend day when they’re all out foraging in the yard. Come sundown, they would all traipse back to their roosts, and then the real fun would start. I could watch them on a remote to make sure there was nothing illicit going on, and the next day I’d be able to see who was doing all the work and who was laying down on the job.

What do you think? Going too far?  J  Working on a name for the show...

“The girls” playing a game of tag and being lively 
(of course, they knew they were being watched). 

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